Nurmijärven Klubitalo on Klaukkalassa sijaitseva yhteisö, joka järjestää tavoitteellista toimintaa työikäisille Keski-Uudenmaan hyvinvointialueen asukkaille. Toimintaa maahanmuuttajille. Klubitalo yhteisössä voit oppia ja harjoitella suomen kieltä osallistumalla päivän toimintaan ja ryhmiin.
Nurmijärven Klubitalo


Nurmijärven Klubitalo (Nurmijärvi Clubhouse) is a community in Klaukkala where you can meet other people and improve your working life skills. We also offer support for applying to studies or other study related issues. Clubhouse is meant for working aged people living in the area of Keski-Uudenmaan hyvinvointialue. 


Have you moved to Finland from somewhere else? Do you live in Nurmijärvi? Do you need help studying or looking for a job?
Or do you want to practice the Finnish language or meet new people?
Come to visit us at the Nurmijärven Klubitalo! 

You can attend our activities also in English and especially, practice your Finnish skills here. On Wednesdays we have a Finnish-English discussion group. Please note that this is not a traditional language learning group where grammar rules are taught, but rather a place for casual conversation in Finnish and English, and why not in other languages as well, according to participants’ language skills. Check the timetable from our week program page (viikko-ohjelma). 

If you are not yet a member, you can book a visiting time by calling/texting to the Clubhouse: 040 838 0884.

We arrange virtual activities in the Nurmijärven E-Klubitalo Facebook group. In addition we use Teams app for our virtual groups and meetings. Check our week program for more information.

You can contact Clubhouse Monday to Friday 8.00-15.30: 040 838 0884